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The Middle-earthTM Collection presents a unique series of incredibly realistic artistic models sculpted by Colin Patten.  This collection aspires to uniquely and intimately capture in miniature form, the spirit of the epic myth world of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien.

We begin in Hobbiton in The Shire, the ‘there’, in the ‘there and back again’. The collection will then journey through the trilogy, picking out at intervals moments that call out to be captured in miniature form. Most of the range are built to a rough scale of 10mm=6ft. This scale works fine in most situations, but as we move onto subjects of far greater dimensions like Meduseld, Isengard or Baradur we move to a different scale, one that is best suited to capture the subject to it’s maximum effect.

Colin our sculptor uses a variety of mediums in creating the original master models which are then carefully moulded to produce a perfect copy.

Each model is hand cast and then very carefully painted, inked, dry brushed and shaded by a member of our family before then being seamlessly joined to its own English Mahogany base. After this each piece is then landscaped and textured in a wide variety of truly authentic and carefully chosen scenic coverings, including differing lengths and shades of grass, bushes, shrubs, weeds and underbrush. We even make our own home made flowers which are then delicately planted using tweezers! This process can be very time consuming and may explain why many manufacturers steer well clear of attempting it. But we feel the results are well worth the effort, we hope you do too.

Mcolin4ost ranges of model scenic collectables that you may have seen are painted castings, some are very good indeed, but we felt that no matter how well sculpted or how professionally the paint job was, they just did not seem to have any real life to them. Life is full of texture, it is texture that covers nearly everything we see. Trees and hedges are bushy with leaves, fields are covered in blades of grass of varying lengths and shades, and in spring and summer sprinkled with a variety of brightly coloured meadow flowers. Riverbanks are muddy and have tall reeds and bushes near the edges, and water, it looks wet!colin1

Trying to capture the reality of nature authentically on a model is very difficult, there are rules and exceptions to those rules. Some things work and some things just don’t fit in. It takes a long time of study and observation to see just where and how these combinations fit together. That is why we carefully and thoughtfully blend our scenic materials together on each individual model piece. The seasons are never static, the hues are constantly on the move and degrees of natural covering are growing and dying, and as they change they meet each other in rich and colourful combinations. Trees are especially individual, and we make them ourselves, infact they are little sculptures in their own right. We begin by carefully twisting thin wire together to make the trunk, then we tease out the main branches and then the twig ends. After this the texture of bark is sculpted on including any knots or holes and roots. The last part is to attach the foliage. This process results in a truly unique product, and although very similar, no two models will ever be identical. As you look around this site we hope you will enjoy looking closely at the photos of the models, only by doing so will you be able to appreciate the level of detail and very subtle blending of colour and texture that creates a miniature scene that really looks as if it had been plucked right out of a moment in Middle-earth !

colin3What better way to launch the collection than with ‘Bag End’. From here we descend the hill, past Bagshot Row, and thence to Hobbiton. We invite you to join us on our Hobbit walking party through the green and pleasant shire and beyond…..who knows where we may end up.

‘It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door.
You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet,
There’s no knowing where you might be swept off to’.