Will Whitfoot


Will was the first policeman of the Shirrifs, Mayor of Michel Delving and had charge of Hobbiton’s postal service and was probably the busiest person in all the shire.

The busiest part of Will’s life would be in his officiating capacity as mayor, mainly in the attendance of banquets, dinners and holiday celebrations.  Being guest of honour had an unfortunate side effect that made Will not only the busiest, but also the fattest Hobbit in the Shire. The Town Hole (Hall) was built into the White Downs, and its chalky soil collapsed on top of Will one day. When he emerged out of his front door he resembled to the onlookers a plump floured dumpling, a term that stuck.  Old Will was imprisoned in the lockholes by Lotho’s orders.  Upon his release he had shed most of his weight and after a short period back in office he retired, and Sam Gamgee became the new mayor.

Base size: 150mm x 100mm oval



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