Green DragonTM


“There’s only one dragon in Bywater, and that’s green”- Ted Sandyman.

The Green Dragon Inn is perhaps the foremost Inn of the Shire, located as it is along the Bywater Road betwixt the villages of Hobbiton and Bywater. Standing on the north side of ‘The Pool’, The Dragon was a magnet that drew folk from near and far, not only for its fine ales and victuals, but also because this was the place to meet; the place to tell your tales, to listen, to gossip. Hobbiton market was held outside these premises once a week and where local produce was bought and sold. The Green Dragon was also the place to plan your adventures, and the place where adventures began. Here, Bilbo joined Thorin and Company as they journeyed on their Quest to Erebor, The Lonely Mountain.

Base size: 200mm x 150mm oval

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The Green DragonTM Inn


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