The Gamgee’s


Sam and Ham Gamgee along with Sam’s five other siblings lived here at No 3 Bagshot Row.  Sam’s father, Hamfast was known locally simply as ‘The Gaffer’, and was a well-respected and popular character…at least by the older Hobbits.  Sam and his father were gardeners by trade, and had between them gardened for Mr Bilbo up at Bag End, for as long as he had lived at the top of the hill.  Sam taking over completely when his Dad retired.

The Gaffer was a great gardener, his green fingers being particularly capable in the cultivation of edible growing things, especially potatoes or the ‘Gaffer’s delight’ as his family called them.  It is likely that his growing children would have been well acquainted with this fine ballast in many of its cooked forms, by far the most popular being chips.

Base size: 150mm x 100mm oval



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