Also known as ‘Sandyman’s Mill’, or more commonly as just ‘The Old Mill’.

This prominent and important landmark was the pinnacle of industrial achievement in the Shire.  It had been owned by the Sandyman family as long as anyone could remember, and generally the Sandyman’s were well, if not warmly regarded.  That was at least until the miller passed on, and passed down the ownership of the mill to his eldest son Ted.  Ted became the opposite of well regarded, except perhaps, by his few drinking companions that he kept well supplied down at one of the inns in the district. The Mill was the place to bring corn to be turned into flour, so not surprisingly being on the right side of the miller was in one’s best interests, especially for those with a taste for bread and cakes…which included everybody!  The alternative, if one fell out with the miller, was to sit round the quern stone and grind it yourself. The Mill underwent a lot of conversions over the years, mostly improvements, however the worst occurred when Lotho, who became known as ‘The Boss’, bought it off Ted and turned it into a dirty, ugly brick building which poisoned the stream.

Base size: 200mm x 150mm oval





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