Bag End Souvenir Edition


Bag End is a Hobbit Hole, and is the safe and comfortable home of our esteemed and valued friend, Bilbo Baggins esquire.  It sits perched atop the famous domed ‘Hill ‘, overlooking the tranquil village of Hobbiton, and gazes sleepily over a gently rolling countryside of green pastures, flowering meadows, leafy woods and rich tilled fields.

The big round green door had a yellow brass nob right in the middle, and opened into a wide wood- panelled hall with many little round doors opening out of it, leading  into a variety of bedrooms, bathrooms, cellars, pantries, (quite a few of these), kitchens, dining rooms and wardobes.

The best rooms were all on the left hand side, with deep set round windows that overlooked Bilbo’s gardens, and the flowering meadows sloping down to the banks of the Bywater River beyond.

BE3 – Bag End Souvenir Edition
Base size: 100mm diameter

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