Bag End is the safe and comfortable residence of our esteemed friend Mr Bilbo Baggins Esquire. This famous address can be found atop the grassy high domed hill north of the small village of Hobbiton across the water. Bilbo inherited this wonderful home from his father Mr Bungo Baggins who built it for his new wife, Miss Belladonna Took [one of the three remarkable daughters of the legendary Old Took] in the Shire reckoning of TA 2934.

Bag end was considered by all about as one of the most desirable (especially by Bilbo’s cousins the Sackville Baginses,) and most luxurious residences in the Shire. This may in some part be explained by Bungo’s generous and extravagant use of his wife’s own money. The inside of Bag end was wood panelled with many little round doors opening out from its main tunnel leading into a variety of bedrooms, bathrooms, cellars, pantries, [quite a few of these,] kitchens, dining rooms and wardrobes. The floors were tiled and carpeted and provided with polished chairs, with lots of pegs for hats and coats – Mr Baggins was fond of the right sort of visitors. The best rooms had deep set round windows looking out over his garden and the meadows sloping down to the Bywater beyond.

There have been many interpretations by artists of what they think Bag End should look like, some very close to the author’s foundations, others way off them. For most the MGM movies version is the definitive version. Our interpretations are firmly planted on Tolkiens foundations. We asked ourselves this question. Could the Bilbo of your imagination open the big green front door and invite you in, or could he sit out on the bench and bid you a good morning, or walk through the gate and up the stairs after leaving the unexpected party? If he could, then the model works. That means it fits into Tolkien’s Middle-earth. We sincerely hope our renditions of Bag End help you enter into that world we so much want to be a part of.

We have three sizes of model to offer you, each slightly different. The first is mounted on our smaller round base, and packs all the essential Bag End characteristics together in one charming and instantly recognisable model. This is Bag End in the summer and Bilbo’s flower pots are the envy of all the hill. It may be the smallest but is no less lovingly made than the others. The next model forms part of our main collection, it is mounted on our oval wooden base and includes many more details, including willow woven fencing, side windows and ‘a bit o garden’. A white gate opens to a short flight of rough steps leading to a stone terrace overlooking the road. A perfect place for Mr Baggins observe the goings on that pass his front door. A place to sit, and smoke and dream dreams.

Our last piece is the largest of the three, and one can instantly see why Bag End is the most sought after residence in all the shire. It stands behind a long white picket fence surmounted by a well kept hedge above the overhill lane. Bag End has three deep set windows that peep out over Bilbo’s gardens which are bursting with summer flowers. One can easily imagine our hero sitting beside the stained glass window gazing out toward Hobbiton mill and beyond, drinking his hot tea and writing [very occasionally] something in his red book. Above this hobbit hole, like a mast on a ship, and a feature for miles around stands a venerable old Oak tree. This model has an incredible amount of detail and if you look closely you may even find the shears Sam dropped while eavesdropping on Gandalf and Frodo’s secret conversation. This model is limited to a maximum of 1500 pieces, and each model is signed and numbered by the Artist.

Thank you again for visiting…we hope you enjoy the rest of the Shire Collection that forms the beginning of our journey through Middle-earth. Come back soon!

‘The Road goes ever on and on.’